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Andiamo Cycling Club Mission Updates

As a NJ Non Profit 501c(3) grant making organization, we are obliged to make annual grants to charitable organizations that fit into our mission. A portion of each member's annual subscription will be allocated to the annual grant and all future grants will be based on a formula:

Annual grant will be determined by allocating 70% of the annual net income (less operating expenses) that the club raises through subscription fees, sponsorship fees and charitable gifts. The remaining 30% will be held back for future year grants.

Andiamo Cycling Club participated in the following non-profit activities: 

  • Bike Safety and Education: We plan to participate with Just Riding Along in a Cycling Safety Course for Liberty Corner Middle School in April 2022. 

  • We designed and commissioned a large Club tent that will give us great exposure at various events we attend and a focal point to educate the public about our mission.

  • We volunteered at the Tour of Somerset County bike ride in Somerville, helped man a rest stop and provided cover for the participants for this charity ride. 

  • We volunteered at the Labor Day Basking Ridge “Greg Cordasco” Criterium, with members acting as safety monitors over the course. A large poster of Greg was hung in our tent and was very well received by all the participants and public.

  • Update new 2022 Club kit with "Share The Road" sign - to promote safety. (Available now)

  • We worked with Bernards Township and Basking Ridge municipalities to promote the value of passing a 4 foot minimum passing law in New Jersey to protect cyclists. The law was passed in August and will go into effect March 1st, 2022. More details at:

    • We plan to work with local municipalities to sponsor signs to educate drivers of the new rules - more to come on this...

  • For 2022 we donated to the local NJ chapter of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) - they develop interscholastic mountain biking programs for student-athletes across the United States. More information at:

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