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Andiamo Cycling Club Membership Responsibilities

  1. All riders must obey these rules and all traffic regulations applicable to cyclists. This includes stopping at stop signs and obeying traffic lights.

  2. The Club will appoint one or more Road Captains for each official Club ride.Road Captains must be respected and all participants must follow all instructions during official club ride.

  3. Members’ bicycles must be properly fitted and maintained.

  4. When the road width and traffic conditions allow, riders may ride double file, but never more than 2 abreast. Each rider must ride right behind the rider in front, never crossing wheels. When road and traffic conditions require, or when directed by a Road Captain, riders must ride in single file. Be courteous and share the road with motorized vehicles, pedestrians and other cyclists. This includes riding single file on busy roads, singling up quickly when "car back" is called, and leaving gaps in long pace lines to allow vehicles to safely pass.

  5. Members may not confront motorists, regardless of provocation.

  6. All Club members are required to wear appropriate CPSC-approved bicycle helmets and carry identification on all Club rides including emergency contact information. Identification should be in an easily readable, accessible form such as a wrist band/bracelet or inside the bicycle helmet.

  7. Members may not wear earphones, headsets or similar equipment during Club rides. Any use of a cell phone, including but not limited to making phone calls or texting, which in any way reduces the ability to ride safely is prohibited

  8. If a member’s bike has aero bars, he or she may not use them on Club rides, particularly in pace lines.

  9. Members must bring with them at least one spare tube, tire levers, and pump or CO2 cartridge with inflator and should be capable of repairing a flat if necessary.

  10. Headlights and taillights are required by law on any rides that begin before daylight or may extend past dusk.

  11. Members must be prepared for the rides they have chosen. Members should pick only ridesof pace, length and terrain matched to their ability, wear suitable clothing for the expected weather conditions, and carry adequate fluids.

  12. Members must determine for themselves whether or not weather and road conditions are suitable for cycling and take full responsibility for cycling in any and all conditions that will be encountered during the course of the ride. If a rider chooses to proceed, they do so at their own risk. If road conditions are unsuitable, a Ride Captain has the discretion of cancelling a ride.

  13. Members are expected to wear club colors (kit) on all official club group rides, including:
      - Saturday ride (Greg Cordasco Loop),
      - Wednesday night EOD ride (Edge of Darkness and
      - Other rides designated on the Club’s website or Facebook page as official club rides.

  14.  On “no-drop” rides, the Road Captain is responsible for making sure all riders are accounted for and safe.

  15.  Notify the Road Captain if you decide to “drop” or leave a ride before its completion.

  16.  Accept valid criticism graciously and understand that the person delivering such criticism is doing so in the best interest of the Club and all of its members.

  17. All Club members are required to sign the sign-in sheet corresponding to the Club ride in which the member is participating prior to the start of the ride. All Club rides must have a corresponding sign-in sheet. Sign-in sheets must be sent to the Club secretary after the completion of each ride.