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Remembering Greg Cordasco

On April 24th we mark the first anniversary of Greg Cordasco’s passing.  Greg was the founder of Liberty Cycling Club, the predecessor of Andiamo Cycling Club.  He was the owner of the Liberty Cycle Shop, a Masters Track National Champion, mechanic par excellence, the leader of weekly club rides, and the promoter of professional and amateur cycling events, including the long running Tour of Basking Ridge held every year on Labor Day. More than that, he was our coach, advisor and most of all friend. His shop embraced the cycling community and all who loved cycling were welcome.  It was so much more than a store.  Who among his customers can forget entering the shop and receiving his smile and embrace? Greg had an ebullient love of life and devotion to his family which served as an exemplar to all of us.  He was truly a master of his universe, in which we were all lucky to be a part. He is missed every day by us and many of us still ride with his USA Cycling number in our jersey pockets and on the new Andiamo Cycling Club jersey; hopefully, his spirit is enjoying the rides.  We extend our best wishes to Greg’s family, Ingrid, Samantha, Johanna and Greg, Jr.

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