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Andiamo Cycling Club COVID-19 Group Ride Guidelines

With NJ State opening up, Andiamo Cycling Club will officially start modified group rides starting on Saturday June 20, 2020. Please see the guidelines below:


Andiamo Cycling Club's Group Ride General Health Guidelines Riders should follow all public guidelines in terms of washing hands, touching exposed surfaces, and should not attend a group ride if experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19. We at Andiamo Cycling Club are not experts on the spread of infectious disease. We have formulated our group ride policies in reliance on the publications issued by USA Cycling and guidance from the State of New Jersey. Therefore If you decide to join Andiamo Cycling Club for a group ride you are doing so based on your own judgment as to the safety of the Club's group ride policy and not in reliance on any opinions explicit or implied of the Club, its trustees, officers or members; you agree to strictly abide by the Club's rules on group rides as indicated below; and you acknowledge that you are assuming personally any and all  potential risks associated with joining the Club's group rides. Group size and physical distancing

  • Start and finish locations will be in large spaces (e.g. parking lot) to allow people to practice social distancing of @6ft.  

  • Group rides will be limited to 8 cyclists. This includes the Road Captain (ride leader). The Road Captain has the discretion to limit the rides to fewer than 8 riders. This can be flexible based on the comfort level of the ride leader and that of the group.

  • Sub groups may also be formed in the event of a large number of cyclists.

  • Keep large gaps between subgroups.  A two-minute interval or 1000 yards will reduce chances that the subgroups will intermingle down the road.

  • Faster paced subgroups will depart first to reduce chances of subgroups intermingling.

  • Riders should keep at least 3 bike lengths spacing from the rider in front and 6ft apart from the rider beside if riding two abreast. Drafting and riding “on the wheel” are not allowed.

  • Be aware of other riders/runners/walkers and pass with enough distance to keep all safe.

  • While waiting at stop lights, continue to observe social distancing rules which means if you are beside or behind another bike there should be 6’ between you.

Face covering, sanitizer and gloves

  • Have a face-covering (mask, buff, kerchief, scarf etc.)  with you and wear it in any gathering area or meeting zone.  These are often public locations where others are present.

  • Have your face-covering available and use it at ride stops, during flats/mechanical repairs or if you do go into a store for refreshments or a restroom.

  • Remove your riding gloves prior to touching anything.

  • Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you and use it after any stops where you touch anything any other human could have touched.

​​ General etiquette

  • If you need to expectorate (aka. spit or fire a snot rocket), please go to the end of the line to do so. Do not spit or blow your nose when others are near or behind you.

  • Be respectful of the other riders in the group - some riders will be comfortable riding in a group, others may not.

To Join Andiamo Cycling Club Click Here.

For more information or any questions/concerns please email:

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